Amsterdam NY Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Amsterdam speeding ticket attorney Randall E Kehoe offers low and affordable $195 traffic ticket defense fees in New York state. Keep your insurance low and reduce driving record points by obtaining a plea from the Amsterdam City Court. While you are entitled to a trial to contest the ticket, this can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you do not live near Amsterdam. Hiring an attorney to appear for you will sometimes cost more than it is worth to you, and so another alternative is to hire an experienced traffic lawyer to deal with the court and prosecutors and try to strike a deal. In many cases, courts in New York will offer reduced charges with no points or less points. In the case that you cannot contest a ticket by trial, this method can be a favorable alternative. The entire matter will be handled by Mr. Kehoe, an attorney with offices in downtown Albany who has been handling New York speeding tickets and other traffic matters since 1990. Call for a free, no obligation consultation and to discuss the details of your case. (518) 465-2211. Speak with an Amsterdam traffic lawyer today.

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We are also available for Of Counsel and appearance cases in the Amsterdam Town Court and other traffic courts in Montgomery County, New York. Please contact us for details.